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How to Make Pot Brownies: Make Them Decadent and Rich Like Regular Brownies

Nowadays, the effects of cannabinoids can now be experienced even without smoking hash or marijuana. Whether for medicinal purposes or for recreation only, people can now feel the high effects of cannabinoids by consuming cannabis foods. Cannabis, in the form of resin or herbal, is the main ingredient of cannabis foods like space cakes and hash or pot brownies. Famous in the form of bakery products, recipes for cannabis foods are now found in the internet and one popular search for cannabis users is the procedure on how to make pot brownies.

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Pot brownies or weed brownies are made by infusing marijuana either on butter or alcohol and then the mixture is added in the brownie mix. This procedure extracts the THC or tetrahydrocannabinol from the cannabis herb and the extraction is added in the food to produce the effects of getting high. To create the pot butter (infusing butter with marijuana), most pot brownie recipe calls for an ounce of marijuana. Butter is melted over low fire or by using a double boiler to avoid the butter from getting burnt. Since butter burn quickly over direct heat, some people use oil instead since most brownie mix calls for oil. But if you can make these brownies from scratch, you can opt for butter to add more flavors in the mixture. Once butter is melted, add the marijuana or weed (break up the weed really well or use a coffee grinder) and let it cook for 15-30 minutes depending on the amount of marijuana used. Also, the lesser the oil or butter used, the more potent the mixture becomes.

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After cooking the butter and marijuana, take the mixture off the heat and strain it using a cheesecloth or fine mesh. People searching for the perfect recipe on how to make pot brownies usually face the debate on whether to strain the mixture or not. To avoid eating bits and pieces of the grinded weed, strain the mixture since it is not nice to eat this with the brownies. Also, you can use alcohol infused with marijuana by using a high proof alcohol (190 proof). You can either cook or freeze the alcohol infused with marijuana and after a period of time, depending whether you cooked the mixture or freeze it, strain the mixture and add it in the brownie mix by stirring it well. But if you want to use oil, since most recipe on how to make pot brownies calls for oil because it distributes well when combined with the brownie mix, just add the grinded marijuana in a pot and add oil just enough to cover the bottom of the pot. Cook it in low fire and strain the mixture well once it is already cooked.

Most people confess that pot brownies do not taste good compared to regular brownies. But you can also achieve that decadent and rich flavor by adding other good stuff like chocolate chips, chocolate pretzels, mini marshmallows, butterscotch chips, and even graham crackers. The addition of chocolates will yield to a decadent brownie while the addition of pretzels and graham crackers add another notch to the texture because of the crunch. The marshmallow is also a joyful addition since it also adds another layer of texture.

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Recipes on how to make pot brownies often call for brownie mixtures that are commonly sold in the market. This is easy to make since all you have to do is follow the procedure printed in the back of the box. Follow the procedure and then add the butter pot or oil or alcohol infused mixture when the procedure dictates to add butter. After combining all ingredients (brownie mixture and marijuana infused extraction), add the other good stuff like additional chocolates and marshmallow and spread the mixture well over a baking pan. Place it in the oven following the instructions indicated in the box. What happens next is that you have baked pot brownies that are at par with rich and decadent bakery brownies.

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